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This is :   BEAT BUDDY - The first pedal drum machine 

The BeatBuddy Pedal Drum Machine: Meet Your Groove Companion

Housed in a humble stompbox, Singular Sound's BeatBuddy pedal has the potential to do something few devices can -- make practice


With truly realistic drum samples and an easy-to-follow display, it's an excellent tool for teachers and students.

 And the BeatBuddy is also a powerful performance companion that can handle improvisations and the unpredictable nature of live music.

Choose a style, then add fills, accent hits, and transitions all with your feet through the BeatBuddy's intuitive functions. The LCD display

 shows each beat, and no matter when you press the pedal, your fills and transitions will always land right on rhythm.

Practice to the Beat -- No Drummer Required

Any guitarist who's ever started a band knows that a good drummer is hard to find. With a BeatBuddy in your arsenal, you get the benefits

 of practicing along with a drummer -- without the hassles, like having to help them load in all that gear. But perhaps most important of all,

 the BeatBuddy sounds like a drummer -- no sterile, generic-sounding samples here! That's because all of its drum samples were

 meticulously recorded, with a real drummer on an acoustic kit. When you turn down the volume, you get the sound of softer-hit drums,

 not the same hit rehashed with lower volume. And if variety is what you need, the BeatBuddy comes pre-loaded with 10 kit types and 200

 songs in all sorts of genres, with more content for you to create via software or download from the online BeatBuddy community!

Any Time Signature, Any Style of Music

The BeatBuddy really is a tool for any level of musician -- its interface is easy to use, but its functionality makes it as advanced as you

 need it to be. For example, it's easy to keep track of a beat by following the moving bars on the LCD screen, but whether that beat is 4/4

, 6/8, or 11/8 is up to you! Likewise, the screen will change colors to identify parts of a song. For example, green is a verse, red is an intro

 or outro fill, and yellow is a transition fill, for switching between verse styles.

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