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music nomad premium humireader humidity & temperature monitor musicnomad

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Music Nomad :  HUMIREADER 

This is a humidity and temperature monitor  

Every guitar should have this within there case !!!!

Why would you spend hundreds and hundreds on your favorite guitar - then guess what the case

 humidity or temperature is ?

This tells you the safe zones for your guitar: protect your guitar with this - every guitar play should

 have this.  The guess work is over -- 

Did you know that the safe zones are : 

humidity safe zone levels are :      40 - 55 % humidity     

temperature safe zone is :   70 - 78 degrees  F*     or    21-26 degrees  C* 

so no more guess work !!!

measures  F and C temps

monitors max and min levels 

includes battery 


The HumiReader - Humidity & Temperature Monitor

Product Story
Protecting your string instruments just got easier. Music Nomad, the leader in equipment care products, has developed the HumiReader a patent pending Hygrometer humidity & temperature monitor that is accurate, reliable and easy to use. Perfect for Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Mandolins, Ukuleles, and Orchestral Strings. Monitoring your instrument’s environment is critical to ensure it stays within the manufacturers warranty and to protect your prized instrument from drying, warping, shrinking or cracking. Our innovative design allows you to customize where you want to measure. In the acoustic guitar soundhole!? No way, YES WAY! Inside the case near the headstock or fretboard/fingerboard!? No problem. Or just place it any room you want to monitor. That’s Music Nomad quality – raising the bar in the equipment care industry. 

- See more at: http://www.musicnomadcare.com/humi-reader.html#sthash.Vyfekb7H.dpuf


That's MusicNomad quality - raising the bar in the equipment care industry !

if you have any questions please email us and we will reply as fast as we can !!

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if you have any questions please email me and i will reply as fast as i can !!